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You've been lied to.

Does today’s fast-paced digital world full of toxicity and negativity have you feeling 
isolated and longing for authenticity and meaningful connections?

Have you been swept up in the pursuit of self-worth, acceptance, and happiness? 

Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Promised to Make You Happy

They promised to be fun. That you'd be seen and cared formeet new people, and have your own tribe.

But instead of having fun, you feel even more anxious, isolated, and not yourself. 

Stuck checking your likes and followers, finding the perfect hashtags to use, 

comparing yourself with others...

And despite gaining followers you still feel disconnected and alone.

You Deserve Better.

When we place our worth in the ever-changing external world,

we'll continue to feel uncomfortable on the inside.

You’re here because you desire REAL, authentic, vulnerable I right? Yet social media doesn’t deliver what it promises.

You were born unique on purpose - you're not supposed to be just like everyone else.

1. Sign up for a pen pal

2. Read the guide

3. Write your new friend

When you sign up, you get:

A new friend with common interests

Have you wondered what it would be like to become friends with someone across the Country or Globe? Friendships are important no matter your age. They allow us to belong, create purpose, and support each other through the ups and downs in life. No matter where you are from, uniting in friendship helps us see our similarities and value our differences. We will learn and grow from our connections.

Carefully matched Pen Pal

The Peace Pals created a system to match you to a friend across the globe that shares common hobbies and interests as you. You will complete our customized Pen Pal questionnaire, which will assign you your very own Pen Pal. Once you are assigned a match, you will begin to experience that wonderful sense of anticipation of mail arriving to your front door with your name on the envelope!

Welcome Letter

Once you are matched with your Pen Pal, you will receive a lovely welcoming packet. You will learn about all the wonderful options that becoming a Pen Pal has to offer you.

Pen Pals 101: Writing & Sharing your Story

To encourage and foster healthy, long-lasting, and supportive friendships, we have created a toolkit of social-emotional skills. We are all learning new ways of connecting in a supportive and positive manner, no matter our age. The Peace Pals put together writing tips, tools, topics, and strategies you can use as you write back and forth with your friend. We also discuss safety and challenging situations that may arise, so you can feel supported each step of the way. 

50 Top Tips to Calm Chaotic Emotions

The Peace Pals community values building inner peace, by learning strategies to process our emotions. Learning how to honor, release, and calm emotions is an important task in life. We explore 50 Top Tips to Calm Chaotic Emotions using Mind-Body-Spirit healing tools. 

50 Mental Mantras to Self Love

Did you know that your thoughts create things? Thoughts are a powerful energy that impact the words we use, the feelings we feel, and the actions we take. We want to help you learn how to practice thoughts that support you, help you thrive in life, and create a resilient mindset for your life! 

Writing Pad & Envelopes

We are here to help you begin the process of writing your new friend! We will provide you with a beginner writing set so that you’ll be ready to start writing your new friend right away! Ready, set, let's write!

Poster with Affirmations

Did you know that it can take three full weeks to create a new habit? Not only will these beautiful affirmation posters help decorate your space, but they are also friendly reminders to focus your thoughts on positivity! The more places we see reminders, the easier it is to create new habits for a positive lifestyle!


Whether you realize it or not, our thoughts are powerful! Together, across the globe, you'll be connecting at the same time to THINK PEACE into reality! Here is how you'll participate:

  1. 1
    Every day at 11:11 AM CDT for 2-4 Minutes you THINK PEACE
  2. 2
    Use a Guided Meditation or simply think of a peaceful place or memory, then think of who you'd like to share this feeling of inner peace with, and
  3. 3
    help the world become a more peaceful place by doing your part in being the change!

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Includes everything except Mental Mantra Cards & 50 Top Tips Cards so you can save money on shipping costs.

Ideal for Peace Pals outside the United States.

What's included

  • Pen Pal
  • Carefully Matched Friend
  • Welcome Packet
  • Pen Pals 101: Writing & Sharing Your Story
  • Writing Pad & Envelope
  • Poster

Hey, I'm Sue!

I too have tried chasing after self-worth and adopting a persona in hopes of being liked and accepted. I was left confused as to why it didn't happen - and trying to find the recipe to fix it. I kept asking myself, "What will it take to feel good about myself and be accepted?" 

And just like you, I ended up disappointed because it just doesn't work.

But I've learned to put down my masks and stop chasing love and validation outside of myself and I want to help you do the same.

I started the Peace Pals Community to help you get what you deserve: real friendship and love - PLUS the tools, community, & support you need to fall in love with yourself & your life.

I’ve walked alongside hundreds of people just like you for 21+ years - seeing and feeling your pain, sadness, & worry. 

I’ve learned how to transform self-doubt, fear, and rejection into reclaiming the worthiness that is your BIRTH RIGHT.

I declare, it is TIME to reclaim your self worth!

If you're a parent like me, I'm sure you have questions. Let's talk:

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About the Pen Pal Community

Hear From Other Peace Pals

Peace Pals is perfect for you if...

  • You desire true, authentic, meaningful friendship
  • You’re not scared to grow & change
  • You’re tired of seeking approval from others and truly want to learn how lovable, awesome, & worthy you already are!
  • You want to become the change you wish to see, so that your own self love trickles over onto everyone you encounter
  • You are ready to overcome the Belief Systems (or B.S.) that keep you from living a life that you fall deeply in love with!
  • You want to put your thoughts together with others across the globe to co-create WORLD PEACE! Hello, can we get a HECK YES!  (This is so easy to do!)

At The Peace Pals, we know you're the kind of person who wants to be authentic, happy, and connected.

In order to do that, you need to build a life you love through friendship and self-growth.

The problem is, social media and fake friends promised you these things - but they lied.

Instead, you're drowning in popularity contests, arguments, toxicity...

Leaving you feeling disconnected, alone, and struggling to be yourself.

Social media tells you all kinds of lies about yourself - but it's just not true!!

We believe you're born unique on purpose - you're not supposed to be just like everyone else. When people put hate on you, it's not yours to bear - it's theirs.

We understand what it feels like to chase after self-worth and adopt a persona in hopes of being liked and accepted...

Which is why we learned to put down the masks and stop chasing love and validation from the outside...

And helped thousands of people just like you to do the same.

Here's How We Do It:

  • Sign up for a pen pal to grow through authentic friendship.
  • Read the book to be inspired by stories of how people just like you overcame the lies of social media and built their dream lives.
  • Join a course to learn how to create inner and outer peace.

So sign up to become a peace pal todayso you can stop struggling to be yourself and feeling anxious and isolated...

And start feeling authentic, content, connected, and happy.


  1. 1
    Every day at 11:11 AM CST we THINK PEACE for 2-4 minutes
  2. 2
    Use a Guided Meditation or simply think of a memory/place that creates a feeling of inner peace. Then think of who you can share this feeling of peace with and send those vibes out.
  3. 3
    Help the world become a better, more peaceful place by doing your part in being the change!

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